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He played 10 years in Sporting CP, always as a GR. At the age of 18 he became a soccer and GR coach. At 20, he returned to Sporting as a GR coach for the under 11 and founded the João Santos Goalkeeper School.

Today he is a master in football for ISCE, UEFA B coach, GR coach of Casa Pia seniors, trainer in several national and international training events and trainer in AFL coach courses.

ricardo anjos.jpg

Goalkeeping coach since the 08/08 season, passing through all training levels, Casa Pia AC and AD Oeiras.

Graduated in Physical Education, he has been at the GR João Santos school since the 2016/2017 season.


I entered the João Santos Goalkeeper School the first time as a goalkeeper, at the time I was young. When I stopped playing I decided to dedicate myself to goalkeeper training, as I felt that during my entire training period, one of the reasons for not evolving more was not had this specific training for many years and I wanted to be able to give it to others.

About 3 years ago the opportunity arose to join the school again, but as a coach and since then I am still connected to the project.


At the moment, I am also close to finishing the Master in Mechanical Engineering.

xara brasil

Former goalkeeper of the João Santos school.

2015/2016 - Goalkeeper coach U11 and U12 Damaiense and polo United EGRJS

2016/2017 - U12 goalkeeper coach CFBelenenses and United Pole EGRJS

2017/2018 - Goalkeeper coach U13 and U12 CFBelenenses and Pina Manique polo EGRJS

2018/2019 - U13 and U16 CFBelenense goalkeeper coach and ADCEO EGRJS polo shirt



- Level I Football Coach | UEFA C

- Level I Goalkeeper Coach (High Performance)

I have been part of EGR João Santos since November / 2013.

Goalkeeping coach at Clube Desportivo Santo António de Lisboa in 2012/2013 with a division increase in the senior level.

Assistant Coach and Analyst at Damaiense in 2014/2015 with the title of champion of series and respective division increase in the Junior category.

Coach at Escola Academia Sporting Carnide between 2015 and 2018 with responsibilities for the Specific Training of Goalkeepers simultaneously with the partnership of EGR João Santos.

Currently Goalkeeper Coach at Sport Grupo Sacavenense, in the Beginners (Under 15) and Youth (Under 16 and Under 17) classes.

miguel ferreira.jpg

Goalkeeper coach under 17, under 14 and under 11 from Estoril Praia.

At the João Santos goalkeeper school since the 2017/2018 season

tadeu mestre.jpg

High school studies in Sports Coach at Escola Secundária Gago Coutinho.

At the João Santos goalkeeper school since the 2017/2018 season.

Goalkeeping coach at FC Alverca, in the C1, B and Youth B Initiate classes

Goalkeeper coach responsible for the Decathlon Lisbon Pole at EGR JOÃO SANTOS


Currently without a club.


I joined the João Santos goalkeeper school in 2017, to start the training in Decathlon place with mister Tadeu, where I continue until now

I have been at the João Santos Goalkeeper School since 2018. Currently, I participate and help with school events and publicize it.


My current club is Associação Desportiva Oeiras.


Finish high school and now I am attending higher education in Nature and adventure tourism. I also have a Degree 1 course at the Associação Futebol de Lisboa and several training courses in goalkeeper training and other areas in the context of football.

gonçalo carvalho (1).jpg

GR coach for ADCEO training and seniors

Coach responsible for the Lisbon Águias da Musgueira Pole.

Mister Stefan.jpg

Former soccer goalkeeper.

Pesky SCP Goalkeeper Coach

Goalkeeping coach at NF Academy

Coach responsible for the training in Rio de Mouro 


Goalkeeper Coach at João Santos Goalkeeper School since 2003.


Goalkeeper Coach at João Santos Goalkeeper School since 2015.

Senior Goalkeeper Coach for Sesimbra.

Hugo marques

Goalkeeper Coach at João Santos Goalkeeper School since 2015.

Former CF Belenenses training echelon trainer.

Current goalkeeper coach at the pesky level at Sport Lisboa e Benfica.


Goalkeeper coach at the João Santos Goalkeeper School since 2016.

Current GR coach of the seniors of Lourinhanense.


Degree in football sports training - sport school of rio maior

Master in Physical Education - Faculty of Human Motricity


Year of entry to school 2019

Clube - academic football school - caldas da rainha


At EGRJS since 2019


Goalkeeping coach in sub-10, 11, 12 and 13 A and B at Clube Atlético e Cultural

Computer Engineering Student

André Antunes

I have been part of EGR João Santos almost since its inception, first as a player and later as a coach.


I started at  Carnide where I was for many years and later joined the Pina Manique.


Inspired by the passion for training of mister João and the rest of the school's coaches, I decided to pursue sports at the university, where I am currently studying in England.

Because of this, nowadays I only help at school sporadically but I always do it with great pleasure and willingness to learn and teach.

Carlos Grácio.jpg
Carlos gráci0

My journey at the school started with a participation in the 1st Internship of the School in December 2013, as a Guest Coach.


I started functions as responsible for the training of the Initiates and Youths, in the 2014/2015 season at Sport Futebol Damaiense and the following season with Youths and Juniors. In 2016/2017 at the Pina Manique Polo (Casa Pia Atlético Clube) with the Goalkeepers of soccer 11.


I attended several Training Actions, some international and participated in many national events promoted by EGRJS. I am currently Senior Coach at Clube Atlético e Cultural.

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